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“In times of change, learners inherit the earth,

while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffer

Everyone is different and the way that we approach change will be different too.

I have noticed that successful change follows a certain pattern.  When people explore times in their lives when they have been hugely successful, they will tend to find the same co-incidence of circumstances at play.  There was something about the way that they were being that brought that success.  And, by contrast, when success has been illusive, the same set of circumstances were at play.  

Many people find that, when they take a good look, they find a way of being that produces successful change.  We can all see it in successful people.  Think of someone like David Beckham.  Can you ever imagine him doing anything badly.  Consistently badly.  No, of course not.  Because we all know that, on past performance, if Mr Beckham is going to take something on, he is going to perferm to the highest standard.  There is a way of being that he has that allows him to consistently show up in a range of new enterprises, yet always perform to the highest standard.

David Beckham is very lucky.  He has had excellent coaching.  He probably knows himself so well by now that he knows how to apply himself such that he can produce excellent results at whatever he decides to do.  No mystery, really.  That is what change is about.  Not just doing change for the sake of it.  But, doing it well.  Having a lasting and inspiring impact in the world.  Making a positive difference in people's lives.

This is the true legacy - well, the only real legacy that counts for a changemaker.

All change boils down to two types: Personal Change and Group Change.  These are mutually enforcing, in that the more we take on changing (in the sense of transforming ourselves), the better we will be in helping others to change and/or absorb change.  The opposite also is true: those who struggle with person change, will tend to lead change poorly for their organisations.  The signs of this will be high... low staff moral, high staff turn-over, expensive, ineffective change, consultants being paid to clean up the mess or take the blame or both!



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Change Types

Once we have mastered the four change styles, we can start to use them powerfully to transformation the six key areas of human life:

Changing People“ - Personal Change

1. Self

2. Your Life

3. Your Studies

Changing Lives” - Group Change

4. Your Work

5. Your Business

6. Your World


Think of all great changemaker!  They do the work – on themselves (if necessary) as well as in the world.  This does not make them perfect and inner work is not intended to achieve this impossible goal.  Rather, it serves to reflect back to us what is in the way of our true purpose in life – our own true greatness - in the contribution we can make to ourselves and others.

To build and be a part of prosperous communities.

That is the real juice of life.

Amara~Isis has been developed to help you on that journey.

To find your place in this rich and varied Earth, such that you can be the difference that makes a difference in people’s lives.

In the lives of people you care about.

In the lives of people you have never met, but whose life opportunities you want to improve.

In the lives of people who you may never know or who may never know you.

Or what you did for them; for their lives.

Ultimately, for a better world for us all.


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